Laser Dentistry Treatment

No one wants surgery. The prospect of undergoing a surgery, especially dental surgery, scares the bravest among us due to the conventional treatments with scalpel and the bleeding and pain associated with it. Imagine a technique that can eliminate all the pain from surgeries. Using laser, many of the surgeries and procedures can be painless, minimally invasive with minimal post-operative discomfort and excellent healing. Patients require little or no anaesthesia for most of the laser procedures. This technology is helping dentistry gain confidence of people and their popularity among patients is unparalleled.


The term LASER stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. The light can be focused to do very fine, precise work. Lasers are broadly classified as hard tissue (Er:YAG laser) and soft tissue laser (Diode laser). We focus on the soft tissue diode laser and its extensive uses in soft tissue procedures, teeth whitening and pain therapy. Lasers are named for the material that is stimulated. Therefore, in a diode laser, the stimulated substance is a semiconductor that is ideally suited for soft tissue procedures.